Greetings Cards eBook 101 – Frequently Asked Questions

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Greetings Cards eBook 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

Greeting Card FAQs

In this Frequently Asked Questions eBook we have collected all the directly relevant “Greeting Card”  related terms (according to Wikipedia), with their definitions.
Greeting Cards FAQ Cover 3D Image.

We have added our “take” on each term in the context of the history and meaning of greeting cards. Read on and find out about cards from “New Year Cards” to what is “Moonpig”!
FAQs in Alphabetical Order (of the Main Term):

Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is Meant by Card Stock
  • What do People Mean when they Refer to “American
  • Greetings Cards"?
  • Baby Shower Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Card Making
  • Christmas Cards – The Seasonal Greeting
  • Conveying Thanks vs Sending Greetings
  • What Connects Craig Shergold with Greeting Cards?
  • What is an eCard?
  • Edwardian Cards
  • What is an Envelope?
  • Why is “Etsy” Associated with Greeting cards, New Year’s Cards etc?
  • What are Get-Well Cards (from Illness)?
  • Glitter and It’s Use on Greetings Cards
  • The Hallmark Cards – a Family Business Empire
  • Halloween Greetings
  • What are Happy New Year Cards?
  • What is Meant when People Give “Holiday Greetings
  • Why Talk of Holidays and Not Mention the Religious Connections?
  • Why is Kate Greenaway Associated with Greeting Cards?
  • What is Meant by Card Stock
  • What is the Laura Seddon Greeting Card Collection?
  • What is Lithography and How is it Associated with Greeting Cards?
  • What is Moonpig?
  • What was the “Penny Post” and What Does it Have to Do with Greetings Cards
  • How is a Postage Stamp Associated with Sending Greetings?
  • What is a Postcard?
  • Are “Recycled Paper Greetings” a Thing of the Future?
  • What are “Studio Cards”?
  • What is a Valentine’s Day Card? – Also known as a “Valentine”
  • What is a Victorian Greeting Card?
  • How is Walter Crane Associated with Greeting Cards?