Happy New Year Cards Tips to Create a Great Corporate Impression

If you are about to send greetings to wish your friends a great new year, use these Happy New Year Card tips. Here are the best 5 Tips for them, to help you create a great friendship or corporate impression.

New Year is just a New Year if you don’t wish your relatives, friends or your close people a “HAPPY” New Year. So, make sure you do even better by using these Happy New Year Card tips:

Happy New Year Card Tip 1. Personalise Them!

We assume that you will share a personal message of yours on this card. Making this helps you create a smile on your friend’s face.

There’s nothing better than adding a personal spin on your correspondence, and that’s where personalised New Year cards come in.

By sending an original New Year card rather than identikit shop-bought ones, you can tailor your message to the recipient’s tastes or sense of humour.

By sending beautiful, personalised Happy New New Year greeting cards, for example, you can ensure that your friends and family will smile when they open their cards on January 1st.

Personal New Year cards are now easier than ever to make. Once you’ve come up with your original New Year card design, just head over to an online card app where you can bring your personal ideas for your message to life, aided by professionally created templates.

2. Combine Your Happy New Year Card with an Event Invitation

If you are planning a New Year’s bash, you can tailor your New Years greeting cards to your needs as you normally would.

Image shows that Free Happy New Year Cards can be created using Ms Paint by adding text to a blank space.
Free Happy New Year Cards can be created using Ms Paint by adding text to a blank space, in images similar to the above.

Printed greeting cards can be set up to include your invite, or for a more personal touch have them sent blank on the inside, ready to be filled by you or an assistant, with the details of your party or other event.

By printing your email address and/or phone number for an RSVP, you can save your guests the hassle of sending a reply in the mail.

3. Consider the Ancient Symbol of a Dove

The dove is a well known symbol for peace and goodwill for the New Year card giving community.
The dove is a well known symbol for peace and goodwill for the New Year card giving community. – CC BY-NC by Jaypeg

It’s one of our favourite Happy New Year card tips to always appropriate to wish someone a peaceful year.

For this reason, doves are often seen on new year greeting cards.

The ancient symbol of the dove carrying the olive branch to Noah after the great flood is still used to represent peace.

Cross religious use is also unlikely to invoke any untoward associations.

4. Businesses Say “Thanks” When Sending New Year Cards to eComm Customers

A new year 2019 message
Say thank you in your new year message.

New year business greetings tailored for customers need to be carefully selected, as non-promotional and conveying a genuine sentiment.

Greetings can invoke the fact that as their seller you were pleased to be able to help them.

So say thank you, via the medium of a card, to your customers for their business and simultaneously excite them to join you again in another year of partnership.

Take care not to promote on this occasion. Some customers may feel somewhat doubtful that your sentiments are genuine, but overall most companies consider the effect of such cards is positive. They do at least provide a reminder of your company/ service.

This aids brand recognition which may otherwise be forgotten by many buyers, over a period of time.

5. Consider Adding a Gift with Your New Year Card – Premium Value Buyers and Long-term Clients

New Year and Christmas cards are given with gifts.
A gift to keep warm can be well received on New Year with a Happy New Year Card, as well, of course!

Businesses are looking to start afresh with innovative ideas at this time of year, so there’s no better time to connect with clients than the beginning of a calendar year.

Personalised gifts cannot be beaten for the impression they create. Personalised greeting cards for New Year, personalised mugs, or pillows, are just some nice choices of gifts for New Year.

Personalised photo frames for New Year, photo collage, photo magnets are also good New Year gift options.

Conclusion to our New Year Card Tip List

These days,the market is flooded with happy new year greeting cards just before new year, so by taking the time to look around, you will almost always find just the card you want.

On New Year’s eve people leave their all work behind for one night, and forget their past.

They come together to celebrate and have some fun on this unique day.

This is especially true for young people. Most wish to greet their loved ones on this particular day by sending happy new year greeting cards.

Just be happy at New Year!
CC BY-SA by Kara 2

Its a natural urge. For time immemorial, people have been following the practice of sending greeting cards to wish happy new year on that special day. Be part of it for the benefit of your business and personal life. After all thoughts on this it is simple.

Spreading friendship, hope, and good cheer can only bring more happiness to all!

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